Trusted Words from a Trusted Messenger

Basma, Jad, and Ma’zooza explore with a new friend on Season 3 of Ahlan Simsim. Credit: Mohamed Ewiss / Sesame Workshop
One of the trusted messengers, a social worker, delivers a message on brain development in early childhood.
  • Appeal to children, even if the video is for parents
  • Know the topic enough to speak about it with clarity, confidence, and ease
  • Provide clear examples and evidence of expertise
  • Demonstrate a calm, humble, and patient attitude
  • Engage in positive, encouraging body language
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Wear casual, joyful, colorful, and culturally appropriate clothing
In each video, the messenger’s words are followed by a Muppet scenario related to the video’s theme. Following a message on nutrition, Basma and Hadi choose a healthy recipe for lunch.



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Ahlan Simsim

Ahlan Simsim

Sesame Workshop and the IRC’s joint humanitarian program, bringing vital early education to refugee and host community children in the Syrian response region.